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Let’s talk about confidence! The definition being firm trust.

You see it all the time! A barrel racer winning a lot on a certain horse but not as much on another horse. The great horses are hard to come by. Not to say you can’t win on different horses, but some require more time, patience and miles! Some horses pick it right up and start winning right off! Those are nice and give you a great confidence boost!

Breeding has definitely helped! Some people like certain bloodlines and have a lot of success! Horses that are smart, have a lot of heart and a great mind make the job easier! So these horses can give you a big confidence boost!

Knowing how to train correctly and not wondering or guessing if your doing it right can also boost your confidence because correct training gives you control. CONTROL CREATES CONFIDENCE! Timing is also important to learn because this is part of the finishing process.

There is a lot of things that can cause you to lose confidence.

  1. A accident of some kind causing you to get hurt which creates fear..
  2. Not having a horse trained where you need them to be.
  3. People saying things causing you to doubt yourself.
  4. Lack of money, backing or being inspired by someone!
  5. Not being able to spend enough time with your horse.

These are just a few things everyone can experience or go through. Once you get your confidence don’t let anyone destroy it! Don’t be intimidated at a barrel race. Everyone has to start at the beginning not knowing and learning from others! JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE WINS DOESN’T MAKE THEM BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! They should be thankful not rude!

Believe in yourself, believe in your horse! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! So whatever obstacle you are facing you can overcome it! A horse can feel you lack of confidence! Confidence feeds confidence! Be mentally strong, try to stay in shape so you ride better, don’t over drill your horse. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams! Just because they don’t have any dreams they don’t need to destroy yours!

Try to go around people that boost your confidence and not deflate you! And remember not everyone is on your side even though they may appear to be! And the more you win the more people migrate toward you but when your not winning they seem to have less to do with you! That’s normal. Just ignore it!

WORDS ARE POWERFUL! One ugly word or sentence can destroy a dream! Only encourage, don’t discourage!